Ayurveda is a traditional medical system in India. There is ayurvedic treatment for almost any type of diseases.

There is an Ayurveda centre near to our home where we arrange Ayurveda treatments for our guests.The centre has experienced doctors and trainers adequate facilities . The different type of treatment techniques in ayurveda are


Massage is a process of Ayurveda in which certain pressure apply on the body to simulate a big sense organ of skin. There are two types of massage.

Oil Massage - This is to support elimination of toxin regulation of blood circulation, appitation and absorption(Vitamins and Minerals)

Powder Massage - This is to support reduced fat and choloestrol and poison


Medicinal herbs and seeds are used to make balls or pudding for the sedation of the body.That is supported to reduce pain and inflammation of joins and articulation


Oil or butter milk(specially prepared) pouring through all over the body or forehead is called Dhara

Indication of disease of cerebral headache, sinusitis,rheumatism, weakness of the body, chronic paralyses, psoriasis.

Njavara Kizhi

Njavara seeds(special rice) cooking with medicinal decotions to make balls or pudding for sudation all over the body.This for weakness of muscles.

Steam Bath

Medicated powder or medicinal herbs and oils are used to make steam. It is for elimination of toxin, lack of respiration and discolouration of skin.

Kalari thirummu chikilsa

This is our speciality treatment. In Ayurveda as well as Sidha the stimulation of all sensory and motor nerves of human body. Especially a central nervous system particularly 10th cranial nerve is called muladharam.

This treatment including head, face, whole body kizhi and steam bath: 2 1/2 hour . It is for the protection of health, disease of disc prolaps, Sciatica, back pain, arthritis, cervical spondilitis,degenaration.

Treatment Packages

1. 3 days - oil massage + Kizhi and steam bath

2. 5 days - oil massage + Kizhi and dhara

3. 7 days - oil massage + njavara Kizhi

4. 10 days-oil massage and massage(5 days) + njavara Kizhi(5 days)

5. 14 days-oil massage, Kizhi and steam bath(7 days) + njavara kizhi and dhara(7 days)

6. Kalari thirummu chikilsa - 7 days *

*This is our special treatment.

Our Features

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  • Ayurvedic treatment
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